What’s the Big Deal?

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but every time a black woman/man decides to embrace the hair that God gave them; we make a big deal about it.  Take the name of my and Dee’s blog: Dos Natural Sistas, we’re sisters and we have natural hair but is it important enough that we must put it in our blog title?  I don’t really know.  There are all kinds of sites now for women and men who are looking to know how to care for newly natural hair (probably 10 years ago these same people would have been hard pressed to find so many resources).  Don’t get me wrong, our blog isn’t necessarily about natural hair, it’s just a fact that the two of us have natural hair.  Now, we may write about our hair.  But we may also write about our relationships (I’m (Sam) married and Dee is engaged).  We may write about our faith.  I’m sure we won’t be able to get around feminism (some of us are hard core… I’m not gonna say any names…).  We may talk about our school experience (I’m 28 and finishing up my Bachelor’s of Arts in English and Dee is 19 and on her second year of schooling studying Middle Eastern Studies and Philosophy).  This blog is intended to be a hodge podge of ideas and maybe some arguments disagreements (translation: there isn’t a set theme).  We’re just two sisters.  We love God.  I love my husband and she loves her fiancé. We love to read.  And we love to write. 



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