Coming and going.

It seems that my husband and I are in a transition.  Moving from basically the only church we’ve ever been to and starting anew at a much larger church.  We will not have any responsibility.  We will not have any duties.  We will not be friends (or almost family) with the people that we will be submitting under in leadership.  It’s a whole new adventure for us and the revolution will NOT be televised.  It’s exciting but at the same time scary.  The thing about going forward and pledging that the past is over is that a person actually has to leave the past in the past.  The last post I wrote was about forgiveness, well, a person vowing to leave the past in the past will, in essence, be forgiving themselves  and the people in the past that may have hurt them.  But, they will also be leaving some good memories there in “never never land” in order to make space for new memories.

I think that the letting go of the good memories will be one of the hardest things for us.  It’s like of like a dysfunctional relationship: two people come together and have a lot of really great times… and then things get bad.  And when they’re bad, they’re really bad.  They take time apart, but when they get lonely, they- all of  a sudden- only remember the good points and none of the negative ones that caused them to get themselves out of a very negative relationship.  I don’t want to be like that.  So, I have a new theme song (my theme song changes depending on what’s going on in my life): “Moving Forward” by Free Chapel… it pretty much sums it all up.



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