Studying and other stuff.

I’ve been in school off and on for a lot of years and have yet to master the art of studying.  For some reason, I feel that it is a waste of time.  In high school I would make sure to do all of the homework assignments and extra credit so that I could slide by on my tests because I hated studying.  Now that I’m much older and have neglected becoming a master of the art… well, I’m pretty much screwed.  I have the AEPA test in a couple of weeks and I am still putting off studying.  It’s been at least one year since I’ve taken an Education course so I know that I’m rusty on that subject area but I’m. still. procrastinating.  What the fricken heck? 

You, Dee, are the master of procrastination.  I think you would be able to take some notes from me on how well I am putting off studying.  I have this to do.  I have that to do.  I must finish reading Jane Eyre!  I’m getting to the love story part and it’s my goal to finish that novel before winter break ends.  So, you see, I have lots to do.

But, I haven’t written in a while so I wanted to update you on a couple of things:
1.  As for my weight loss: I had gotten down to 191.  And then I encountered Thanks-fricken-giving.  After that day, I weighed 194!  One hundred ninety four pounds!  I gained three pounds in one day.  Remarkable.  Three weeks of work thrown down the drain in one day.  The story of my life.  So, now I’m slowly but surely losing my Thanksgiving weight.  I can still meet my weight loss/ size goal if I focus.  I read online that to lose a significant amount of weight, a person must work out 270 minutes a week. Plus, exercise aids in depression abatement so it’s a win- win for me.  That’s my new goal.
2.  January will mark my last semester as an undergrad.  After all of this time, I may have finally reached a goal!  That’s pretty darn cool if you ask me. 
3.  You and I have sucked at keeping up this blog.  We have to do better.  We have to.  Wasn’t this your idea in the first place?  Or was it mine???
4.  I still really want to move to California and teach over there but Wes and I are adjusting our goals in order to give ourselves a better future.  It would be in our best financial interests to stay here until we are debt free and then gallivant around California.  And doing it that way will be less stressful.  We already know what it’s like not to have as much money as we want, so even after I become a teacher we can continue to live on the budget we have now and use the money from my salary to pay off our debt quickly.   But, we’re not sure still.  Hopefully, we’ll know in January what our plans are after my college graduation. 
5.  Me and Jesus are doing well.  But, like all of my other relationships: I’ve dropped the ball.  We don’t talk as much as we used to.  I must do better. 

So, that’s it.  I will attempt to study for a little while today before I get back to making Christmas gifts.



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