Theme Song.

Music is so important to me.  Music can convey my feelings better than I could ever express.  Sometimes, when I’m trying to explain to Wes what’s going on inside my head I just have to listen to a certain song. 

This month, I have given myself a challenge: listen to Christian music for the whole month of January (no Adele, no Maxwell, none).   So far, I’ve been successful! 

The reason that this song is my new theme song is because I have felt my love for Christ waning.  I contribute it my no longer actively pursuing His presence in my daily life.  Why??? I really don’t know.  I guess I just got used to it.  When I heard this song and said, “Eureka!  This is exactly how I feel.”  How can I be in God’s presence and not be in awe?  He loves me so much.  He thinks that I am the best and I still choose to forget about Him.  How can that be?

I prefer this version because it is more acoustic than the Lifehouse version of the song.  The emptiness is closer to the way that I am feeling.




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