Yesterday, one of my dreams came true.  I found I that I passed my certification exams to become a teacher.  But, a not so good thing happened, too: I realized (thanks to my Wes) that I have an issue with pride.  Not in the way that we normally think about it but in the way that I don’t feel that I deserve any good thing.  Crazy, right?  I was made to be a teacher and I pass the tests and think that it’s because I prayed… not because I earned it or that I am smart enough or that I am walking in the calling that God has for me.

Why is that?

I hope to explore this issue a little more fully in the coming post.  In the meantime: Jesus, help me to see that You love me and that You made me the way that I am.  I am perfectly imperfect.  You made me this way.  I deserve all of the blessings that You pour out upon me.  Help me to see and understand these things.  Help me to see that heart knowledge is always greater than head knowledge.


Your daughter,




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