The real deal.

Today, I had my first interview to become a teacher to real high school kids.  Real ones.  Not the hypothetical ones that I took classes learning about and did case studies on.  I mean the real ones who have daily struggles.  The ones who come to school hungry.  The ones who don’t know where they’ll be sleeping tonight.  The ones who don’t think they have what it takes to attain a high school diploma.  The ones who have always been told that they are losers and have bought in to the lie that they will never amount to anything useful.  The ones who may recreationally or habitually use drugs.  The ones who are beating the odds by sitting in a desk in a classroom on a high school campus. 

Those kids. 

I am on my way to becoming a teacher to some amazingly inspirational young adults.  I am excited and nervous in equal portions.  They will allow me to impact their world.  They will allow me to witness their metamorphosis into mature, caring, respectful, respectable, law abiding citizens. 

I am one interview away from achieving one of my lifelong dreams. 

I know the One Who is ordering my steps would not make this path easy to tread if it wasn’t for me to take.  I prayed for this.  I am beyond grateful.  With His help, I will be a great teacher.

For that, I am honored. 




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