Losing and gaining.

A few months ago, I decided to seriously pursue weight loss.  I was nearing my college graduation and peering at 30 years of age in the not so distant horizon.  I know that losing weight as we get older is a challenge but it seems to be an even larger challenge when it feels like you are doing it all alone.  Without thinking of any better options, I joined (or should I say ‘re-joined’) a website called My Fitness Pal in order to gain support of strangers who are on the same journey that I am on.  This has been a fruitful venture (as I am now down 8 pounds from when I started seriously pursuing this).

The problem: it’s taken me months lose the 8 pounds and that’s really frustrating.  But, I have noticed that I’m losing inches.  So, here are my stats:


Waist- 37 inches

Hips- 47 inches

Weight- 197.4 pounds


Waist- 35 inches

Hips- 43 inches

Weight- 189.4 pounds

It would be nice to be in the lower 180s by graduation (my original goal was 175 pounds).  Also, a friend of mine (in real life) has jumped on board the weight loss bandwagon and we’re seriously considering walking/jogging a half marathon in December. Crazy.  I already know.  But, it’s nice to have a fitness goal in mind as opposed to a number on the scale because as you’re working on your fitness goal the numbers on the scale should get a little smaller. 


Let’s see how this goes. 




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