thank God it’s friday.

Yes, I know that Friday is a proper noun and thus should be capitalized.  I just wanted the most important word to be capitalized.  I saw this cartoon on a website and thought it was hilarious. 


Friday is my second favorite day.  Saturday is my favorite day.  I like Friday because it’s the day before my favorite day, Saturday.  It may seem weird that I have it all figured out but this is the sort of stuff that I think about when I should be doing research for a 12 paged paper due at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday.   For the record, Tuesdays are my least favorite day.  Mostly because it’s busy full of classes and such but Tuesday nights redeem the day for me because that’s when Biggest Loser comes on tv and Parenthood.  I like those shows.

Kind of a strange blog post but I really just wanted everyone to laugh at this clever cartoon from  They have lots of other funny ones, too.  You’re welcome.




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