Dear 16 year old me,

Truly begin to see yourself the way God sees you. If you have questions about that, see Psalm 139. Loving yourself now will make it easier to take care of yourself later. Continue to wait for the person that God has for you even though you don’t want children or a husband now… God will change your mind about the second one later. Don’t worry about not feeling like a part of the family, when you get married, you’ll become a part of his family and you’ll feel as though this is where you were always supposed to be. When you go to college to study English, don’t leave. Don’t change your mind and pursue Mathematics. Work hard as a teaching assistant; it will land you a teaching job when you finally graduate college.

Don’t ignore the warning signs. When you start to feel sick, go see a doctor. It will save you lots of surgery, pain, and time in the hospital later. And when you feel sick again, don’t wait so long to see a doctor. Seems like common sense but sometimes you lack that.

When you join the track team in high school, run. You’ll love the way your body looks and you’ll feel great. Don’t waste time on boys that you’re not gonna marry, you’ll get your heart wrapped in it and then carry those hurts into your marriage… it’s not fair to your husband.

Give more. Don’t be so fricken selfish. Remember what the Bible says about giving and do it. It will make your marriage (and your life) go a lot smoother.

Enjoy your teenage years… don’t wish them away. Stay close with your siblings, it will be hard (but not impossible) to mend the fences later.

You’re great. You’re smart. You’re more than capable of achieving your dreams. Go for it. Oh, and when you earn that scholarship to that community college that you don’t respect, use it. You’ll end up earning your first degree from there later, anyway.

I really love who you are going to become. It will all be worth it.


Your 29 year old self


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