“I have never loved to read. One does not love breathing.”

– Harper Lee

As a kid, reading was an escape of sorts.  The people in the novels that I read had issues but, their issues were usually resolved by the end.  I would cry when they were hurt, laugh with the characters.  They were my friends.  Sometimes, I would get into trouble because my mom would be yelling and yelling for me to do something or to even just answer her, but I’d be so caught up in my books that I wouldn’t even hear her.  Got me in lots of trouble LOTS of times. 

book love

My love of reading is part of the reason that I wanted to become an English teacher.  Maybe, just maybe, I could pass it on.  Share it.  Make reading exciting for people.  But, I got a little off track and pursued a Math degree instead- silly me.  Anywho, once I got back on track, I ended up cramming all of my upper division English courses into one semester (instead of doing it the recommended way of spreading them out over four years).  I was reading and reading and reading and writing and writing and writing.  Sometimes, I would read two Shakespearean plays in a week along with about 100 plus pages of other classic literature.  I no longer made time to read for fun.  I was too busy trying to keep my head above water!!!  Needless to say, it was exhausting… and my love or reading eventually waned. 

This brings me to the quote.  It sounds silly but, I’ve had to pray that Lord restore my love of reading.  I mean, school starts at the end of the month and I still have two novels to read well enough to be able to teach them!  And I don’t want to do it.  I do not feel like reading.  I came upon this quote and it reminded me about how I used to feel.  I will love reading again.  I have to love reading again.  I need it just like I need to breathe. 


Book aslperson reading



p.s.  I’ve entered a contest to win 20 books.  I found out about the giveaway on Rachel Alpine’s blog, Freckle Head.  I really hope I win.  But, you can enter to win, too!  The giveaway is a stack of 20 books recommended by authors such as Amie Kaufman and Rachel Alpine.  It’s called The Lucky 13s.  I hope I win but if I don’t, I hope you win. =)


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