Do not be swayed. SheReadsTruth: Colossians, Day 5

I almost didn’t post!  I didn’t want to be a liar so here goes.

Colossians 2: 1-5  The part that stood out to me was verse 4: “I am telling you this so that no one will deceive you with well-crafted arguments.” Just last week, an interesting conversation popped up about different religions in my classroom.  This particular student started to speak and he said, “we are all our own god and our own devil.”  I was confused, stunned.  I’d never heard of such an argument.  All I could think was: I am NOT prepared for this sort of discussion.  I did not want to insert my personal beliefs into the conversation but I also didn’t want to agree with this student’s perspective of people like you and me and him being our own gods.

Finally, he asked me what I felt about what he’d said- there was more to it but I only quoted the piece that will serve me here.  “Do you think it’s a cult?” he asked me.  Looking and actually waiting for my response.  Ummmmmmm… should I tell him from a teacher perspective? Or a Christian perspective??  I’m not really sure how the blending of the two is actually supposed to work.   I am a Christian and I am a teacher.— oh, he’s waiting.— “Ya.  The thing is, we’re all searching for the way to Heaven.  There’s only one Way and I’m pretty sure that I know what it is.  But, you’re pretty sure that you know what it is.  We won’t know until the end.  I’m not taking any chances, though.” Hmmm… did I answer him correctly?

But, see that’s the thing.  God’s love is not a mystery.  Heaven is not a mystery.  It’s so easy that it seems mysterious.  This is why people search and search looking for the answer when all along He’s been staring them in the face: with every rainbow, every cloud, every breeze.  Every. single. thing.  He is in it.

No matter the “well-crafted argument” or how ineloquent my own arguments may be, there is not a need for timidity and most certainly not a need for doubt.  The God of the universe is the one, true God.  The end.


Tomorrow, Day 6.


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