Just woke up

So I realized that I totally hate holidays (excluding my bday of course). Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. Same stuff, different year. When I think about my future I don’t read see myself getting married or having and children. But sometimes a small part of me wants to just to start my own traditions so I don’t just have to sit there and hate everyone else’s. Or worse, be jealous that everyone else has some and I don’t. It’s like, it’s nice going to other people’s house for Christmas and other holidays (love you B’s) but its like there is one way glass between me and what’s going on. For the whole month, I shut down because I’m so pissed my family doesn’t do anything for the holidays. And kinda hurt, I guess. It just sucks. I guess I don’t hate the holidays but I hate that you’re suppose to be with family and it never happens.
But maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed cause this is totally not what I meant to write about. Alas.



2 thoughts on “Just woke up

  1. I think starting your own traditions is a good idea. And, at first, it was weird for me to have all of these traditions with the B.’s since our family never really celebrated if Nathan wasn’t coming. I love your raw, no holds barred honesty (especially when you’re being honest with yourself). I’m excited to see the new traditions that you come up with. I’d love to participate, too. ❤ you.

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