Pump the brakes.

So I made all of these goals for 2013. When I did this, I had no idea that I would begin the year at a full downhill sprint. Not downhill because it’s been “bad” but downhill because I’m just running. Arms flailing. Attempting to catch my breath. That kind of downhill.

I started this new lifestyle that consists of eating whole foods (nothing processed) for 30 days (as a jump start). This was hard for me. Re-programming my brain to not crave sugar and other crappy foods got a little hairy for a little this month. But, as an accountability factor, I have been uploading pictures of my food (on most days) to Instagram and Facebook. I thought that I was crazy to try something like this but this (along with the whole running thing) was another of my friend Jen’s great ideas. “Hey, you like challenges. What do think about this one? It starts in five days.” And the rest is history.

I celebrated my myfitnesspal anniversary by running 5.19 miles in 52:16 minutes! My goal was to run for 36.5 minutes (get it?) without stopping.


I completely surprised myself by doing that. Last year, when I went for a walk with Dee, she told me that the following year I’d probably be running. I told her that she was crazy. Look at me now. Eating my words.

Also, I also realized that if I changed a few things around, I would be able to graduate a whole semester early from graduate school. So, I signed up for the courses that I needed to take and am on the path to graduating December 2013.

I said all of the above to say this. My achievable goals for 2013 may not be that achievable. I need to modify them. Dave Ramsey said that there are some things that are needed to make goals achievable but he gave a list of things that you SHOULDN’T DO:

  • Be as general as possible.
  • Don’t worry about gauging success.
  • Time limit, schmime limit.
  • Be sure you’re making others happy.
  • Don’t bother to write anything down.

I think I had my heart in the right place but some of my goals were a little too specific (is that even possible???) So here’s my modified list:

  1. Run/walk/jog 365 miles this year (this may be pretty easy to do considering goal #2).
  2. Complete the Tucson Half-Marathon (running/jogging the whole way).
  3. Complete no less than five AT LEAST ONE Bible study in YouVersion (finish SheReadsTruth: Colossians, Debt: A Biblical Exploration, ReThink Life: 40 Day Devotional—that’s three).
  4. Blog once a week MONTH (no matter how much or how little I have to say).
  5. Have a completely vegetarian eating day once a week EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE.
  6. Read at least two A book completely for fun (they may be related to work or school but they must be books that I choose completely of my own volition). I can complete this task by reading before bed each night.
  7. Log every morsel of food I consume on MyFitnessPal (no matter how crappy I’ve eaten on any given day). Paleo and Whole30 doesn’t require food logging (I’ll play this one by ear).
  8. Take the pups, Curious George and Nala, on a walks MORE OFTEN of no less than one mile twice a week (these miles can be included in the 365 mile yearly goal).
  9. When a person comes to mind, send them a text or email or Facebook message to check on them. I made this a goal for last year but, well…
  10. Clean out my closet getting rid of all of the shoes and clothes that haven’t worn in recent history (try that trick with the hangers, facing them all in one direction on laundry day and then facing them the opposite way when I put them back in the closet. The ones that are still facing the original way are “tossed.”)
  11. Stick to my weekly cleaning schedule STRAIGHTEN UP THE HOUSE MORE OFTEN. CLEAN UP AFTER MYSELF MORE OFTEN. (No matter how busy I get. I can think better when the house is clean anyway… no matter how much I try to convince myself otherwise)…rotating days with Wes, of course.
  12. Make Christmas gifts for at least a third of the SOME OF THE people on my Christmas gift giving list.
  13. Not sure for this one… Oh, I got it. I saw this idea on Pinterest for you to put a note in a jar every day MOST DAYS with something good that has happened that day. I’ve decided to do this project (and Wes is doing it with me). On December 31, we’ll read through all of the wonderful things that happened in 2013. I already have the big jar, I just need the follow through.
  14. Not sure to work this in to the 13 but, I also want to train myself to enjoy black coffee (thanks for the nudge, Dee). To accomplish this, I will use less creamer in my coffee and purchase the lighter roasts at the store.

A little modified but I think I can accomplish these. I’m gonna leave this open so that I can modify as needed. This is not a cop out. This is me realizing that I may have stretched myself too thin with all my goal making. As my sis in ❤, Dawn, says, “be spirit led; not driven.” I want to make improvements but I don’t want to kill myself in the process.



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