My Whole 30.

I’m finished with my Whole 30 challenge.  And, boy was it quite the ride.  I didn’t think that I was going to be able to make it.  Grateful that the husband did it with me –for the most part–or I for sure wouldn’t have made it.  I used my Paleo emeals plan for most of the dinners that I made and ended up having enough for leftovers to take for lunch most days.

I’ve learned a few things:

  • I don’t really like coffee.  I know, I know I’m a traitor. I really like the creamer (caramel vanilla, please). I like the sugar. I like warm drinks.  I’m in love with my coffee-making habit.  The smell’s not half bad.  But… I don’t really like coffee.  I was trying to drink it black and that didn’t really work out just yet.  It’s too hard to get used to cold turkey.  Then, I added coconut milk to it to lessen the bitter taste.  That worked for a while but not enough.  I just really don’t like coffee as much as I thought I did. *shoulder shrug* So sue me.
  • I love the way that I feel when I’m eating foods that are doing more good than harm to my body.  I don’t feel guilty.  I don’t have to count calories (woooooo hoo!).
  • When I don’t consume sugar, I go to bed earlier.  And fall right to sleep and I have more restful sleep.  (Gotta be able to wake up early to get to my classroom).
  • My mood is less up and down (thanks, Wes, for pointing this out).
  • It’s easier to eat at home more often since I know what I’m putting in my food instead of having to take someone else’s word for it.
  • I like not having to count calories.

But, now that my Whole 30 is over, I really, really, really want coffee!  Fancy coffee with hearts and stuff.  Artistic coffee.  Must acquire this.  And soon.

Here’s a look at the meals that I consumed for dinner (and lunches) during this venture.





Wes and I ate GOOD!  And whole, fresh foods for the entire time.  Last week, I even did it this on a super strict budget.  We usually spend about $80 per week  but last week, we only had $50 and needed to purchase food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I took the advice of Robb Wolf from his book, The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide: 1) Shop the ads. 2) Write down the things that are on sale (that are good, whole foods) in columns labeled: protein,veggies, fruits, spices (then I added a column for bulk and canned goods). 3) Search your cupboards and freezer(s) for things you can use. 4) Use Pinterest and the internet to find Paleo (and Whole 30 compliant) recipes that use the ingredients from your list.  

Using these tips, I bought food for the two of us for the entire week for $48.85.  It was freaking awesome.


Overall, I would say that my Whole 30 was a success.  I would recommend this to anyone trying to rid themselves of a sugar addiction and for anyone who wants to get their eating habits under control.  You can find more info about the Whole 30 at

As a result of my 30 day challenge:

  1. I rid myself of my terrible sugar addiction (thank the Lord!).
  2. I am 7.2 lbs lighter.
  3. I lost 2.75 inches off of my waist.
  4. I lost 1 inch off of my hips.
  5. I lost 1.1% body fat.
  6. I went down .8 points on the BMI chart.

I am at an all time low weight.  I love the way I feel.  I love that I can run for longer distances and longer amounts of time without becoming winded.  And, did I mention how much I love NOT counting calories???

Paleo: I’m about that life.


2 thoughts on “My Whole 30.

  1. @Low Carb- I am only subscribed to the emeals dinner plan and for the Whole 30, I used it every day except for last week (since we only had $50 to spend on groceries).

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