Fear and laziness.

I have been lax on my workout regimen this week because I finished my 5k training plan and I’m afraid to advance to the half marathon training.  —Phew.  There. I said it.—

I’ve been in denial about this point but it’s the truth.   I know that it’s my M.O. to quit when I get close to reaching a goal but I seriously thought that I was over that phase… apparently not.

I need to come up with a plan of action.  Although, I probably only need one step in this plan… maybe two.

  1. Do it.
  2. Be satisfied.

Plain and simple.

On a side note:

Dee said something interesting the other day: “We’ve been talking and we’ve decided that you’ve been really pleasant lately.”

Me: “Who is ‘we’?

Dee: “Me and mom…”

Me: “It’s because of the exercise.  Totally because of the exercise.  It does something good to my brain.”

So, here’s the question- it may just be rhetorical in nature- why (when I know the benefits of exercise and what it specifically does for me) do I still sabotage myself?  Sigh.  So much growing up to do.





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