Facebook is a dream world.



It seems that I have the “perfect” life.  Not all things are as they appear.  I post only the highlights (well… and some of the low-lights too like when I practically burnt that pot roast in the crockpot yesterday).  What’s the point of me telling all of the people on my Facebook about every single thing that I’m going through when they all have their own struggles?  It’s like reading a book that doesn’t have a happy ending: I don’t see the point.  People’s lives are depressing enough, they don’t need me dumping my issues on them.  Besides, what would this solve?

I came across an article that said that people who spend lots of time on Facebook are much more depressed than their counterparts who don’t use FB.  That’s very interesting but then it got me to thinking: am I the only one who uses FB as a dream world?  A place where everyone knows their name?  A hakuna matata place?  If we’re all only showing our “best side” and the highlights of our lives, our Facebooks are not a proper tool by which to judge how awesome our lives are.  Each FB post makes it seem that our daily lives are so grandiose, so extravagant.

I sometimes wonder that if one of my co-workers became friends with me on FB, would they think it reflected the same Sam that they see at work?  I’m not 100% sure.  I don’t seem moody on my FB… and at school I am sometimes (I’m using the term loosely) moody.  I don’t seem “spiritual” at work… but my FB makes it seems as though I am praying every spare second of the day and reading my Bible  every second that I am not praying.  That is, of course,  when I am not exercising, doing homework or cooking fabulous dinners… Ha!  But, that is most certainly not the case.

So… if I’ve somehow tricked/ bamboozled/ hoodwinked you into thinking that my life is perfect… I apologize.  But please realize that, for me, Facebook is a dream world. 




2 thoughts on “Facebook is a dream world.

  1. Sadly I use Facebook to watch everyone and think how their lives are better than mine. Then I get off so I don’t feel worse. Not a dream world for me!

    • But now that you see that it’s really a dream world, you can know that it’s not something that you can base your jealousy on. I say, live your life and post the highlights on Facebook. You have a pretty good life, too, Miss Independent.


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