Now that I’m pregnant, I’ve noticed the negative little comments that people make about parenthood and motherhood and pregnancy.  Can I just ask why all the negativity?  Some of us are embarking on new territories and don’t need our impressionable minds filled with pessimistic ideas about parenting.  Like, seriously.


I wear a nice dress with some pretty tall wedge shoes and the comments that I get aren’t anywhere along the lines of “you look so cute!”  They’re more like, “you’d better enjoy wearing those shoes now because soon you won’t be able to…”  Like, what the freaking heck?!

Or, people ask how I’m feeling and I say that I haven’t been sick just tired and people -instead of rejoicing- say, “wow!  Really? I puked for the first 6 months of all of my pregnancies!” or something along those lines.


“You’d better be careful or your baby is gonna be just as snarky as you are.”  -Or- a lecture that I somehow fell victim to while talking to my dad on the telephone:

“Some things you just don’t understand until you’re a parent.  Once you’re a parent you’ll see why your mother and I did the things that we did with you and your siblings…” Maybe, he’s got a point… but maybe he doesn’t. -Or-

“You’d better get all the sleep you can now because you won’t be sleeping once the baby comes!!!”


I’m not even going to mention the other unsolicited parenting advice or the warnings to make sure that I exercise so that I don’t get fat. It’s like really?  I exercise pretty consistently and have for quite some time now, I think I’ve kinda sorta got this under control…sort of.  It’s not that I’m against receiving advice it’s just that (as my mom says), “everybody’s an expert.”  Maybe it’s a pride thing that I don’t want everyone telling me what to do or maybe it’s not.

Keep in mind that I have gotten some pretty good advice (when I’ve been open to receiving it) and some great encouragement about birth and the process and the whole miracle of it.  I’ve also bought some pretty stellar books such as Jackie Mize’s Supernatural Childbirth (recommended to me by two of my friends on two separate occassions) and Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (I watched a documentary on Netflix called The Business of Being Born and this one was talked about a lot).  

I wanna just say that God is pretty awesome for making our bodies the way that He did.  And equipping us with the tools that we need to have pain free births.  Supernatural births.  But, it seems that for me, the things that seem to stay at the forefront of my mind are the negative things.  That kind of makes me angry.




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