Words. I think the mere fact that I KNOW when I didn’t give my all to something is enough for me to strive for excellence always. I don’t really care who’s watching.

Chuck Swindoll (one of my favorites) had a very good blog post about attention to detail, etc. yesterday.

A solid biblical basis for such an emphasis on quality is not hard to find. Consider the superb manner in which the tabernacle was designed and constructed. Next, the temple built during Solomon’s rule . . . with its “windows with artistic frames,” elaborate beams, winding stairways, gold-covered cherubim, and “stone prepared at the quarry” so that “neither hammer nor axe nor iron tool [would be] heard in the house while it was being built” (1 Kings 6:4-8, 28). The name of God was exalted as people witnessed such detailed beauty. It still is.

What is true of grand music, great writing, priceless art, and quality construction is also true of the way some still practice medicine or law, do their architectural drawings, teach their students, type their letters, preach their sermons, play their instruments, cook meals, fix cars, coach teams, sell insurance, run a business, a home, a school, a restaurant, or a ministry. It makes them stand out in bold relief . . . clearly a cut above the average. It’s not for the money or for the glory or for the fame it may bring. It’s simply a matter of deep-seated personal pride and commitment. Nothing less satisfies. It all boils down to fine, rare, quality craftsmanship.  Excerpted from Come Before Winter and Share My Hope, Copyright © 1985, 1988, 1994 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc.


I am the person who pays lots of attention to detail.  I like pretty little detailed things (which is part of the reason that Anthropologie is my favorite store that I can’t afford to really buy anything from just yet- everything in there is so detailed.  It’s fun to look through the magazine and even more fun to grab myself a Starbucks and go perusing through the store.  It’s just beautiful in there).  And it always blesses me when my sister friends (or anyone for that matter) also notices the importance of the detail.  My sister-friend, Priscilla, ALWAYS notices the little things.  I think it’s part of her love language.

As I was reading The Confident Mom by Joyce Meyer this morning- don’t worry, it’s summertime, I’m not usually this good at reading in the morning be it a devotional or not- she discussed the fact that there is grace to get us through those times when we know we didn’t do our best.

…I’m determined to do my best each day, but even if I miss it, I’m not going to be filled with worry over it. I’m going to trust God that if I’m doing something that’s really displeasing to Him, He’ll speak to me and show me how to change it.” Meyer, Joyce. “The Confident Mom.” Faith Words, 2014-01-21. iBooks

So during those times that I am too rushed to do something the way I want it done or the times that I give up my right to have it be just perfect and I allow someone else to do something for me (which will happen more and more as I’m learning to be a mommy who’s full of grace), I need not get down on myself.  God’s got me.




Sam. Day six.

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