Sam. Day eight.


You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.- Maya Angelou

It’s taken my whole life to learn to be content with who I am. All of my quirks, pickiness, etc. It’s been quite the journey. In the process of becoming the woman I want to be, I’ve realized that I really don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

The thing is that I spent so much of my life trying to be someone else…ANYONE else. And I tried, believe me I did, I tried so hard to be like the people I was around. It just didn’t work.

But the thing is that when I was busy trying to be someone I wasn’t, I didn’t have any friends. Which totally makes sense because how could I attract like minded people when I didn’t know I was…or even who I wanted to become?

Fast forward to the present. I have a few very close friends – I call them my sister-friends. They get this name because they’re like sisters but without all of the dysfunction that comes along with siblings. It’s the best of both worlds!

These women came into my life when I was (finally) at a place where I was comfortable with who I’d become. They encourage me, correct me, laugh with me (and at me), they push me to be more “real,” more honest and to trust.

My sister-friends are amazing women. They are beautiful. They are witty. They are artists. They are avid readers. They are mothers. They are wives. They are single. They are married. They are Christians. They are still deciding if they want to be Christians. They are all the colors of the rainbow. They love to exercise. They hate to exercise. They are college students (or will be soon). They are working women. They are housewives. They are PHENOMENAL. But what makes these ladies even more sensational is that they love me for me.




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