Sam. Day ten.




I went searching through my Insta to figure out what I photograph most.  It was a toss up between coffee, food pics, inspirational quotes and books as of late (some pics even combine two of the preceding). I don’t know how long I’ve been drinking coffee but I do know that I really like it.  Some would call me a Starbucks addict.  But I don’t strictly purvey Starbucks.  I really just like good coffee.  The coffee has to actually taste good (on its own) for me to be able to enjoy the cup.  I’ve been attempting (yes, again) to drink my coffee black.  The other day, I had it almost black (I added coconut palm sugar) and it was really good. But for coffee to be good black, it has to be good on its own.

I went to a nice restaurant (the one where I took the mirror pic from yesterday’s post) and everyone was ordering wine and beer.  I felt left out so I ordered a decaf coffee.  It was the WORST coffee ever!  I added so much sugar and milk to it but those things didn’t even kind of help.  To make matters worse, the coffee ended up costing me 5 bucks!  Like, seriously?  I can purchase two Starbucks for that price AND I’D ENJOY THEM!!!

I think somewhere down the line, I became a coffee snob.  And that’s okay.  Sometimes, when I go places (or to people’s houses–which doesn’t happen often see the Friends post) I don’t get coffee even though I really, really want some because their coffee is nasty.  If I have to put a crap ton of sugar and whipped cream and creamer in there, then your coffee tastes like butt.  Sorry.  It does.  

Last week, I went to Sprouts and purchased two bottles of this cold brewed coffee that the Paleo food bloggers I follow are always raving about.  I bought two.  They only had mocha flavor but I was okay with that because I wanted to taste this coffee.  Needless to say I was not impressed.  But I bought two bottles.  I managed to finish the first one but now I’ve got to suffer through the second one.  I’m not looking forward to it. I much prefer cold brewing good coffee (such as Starbucks or even the bulk coffees from Sprouts) in my iced French press.  I am a coffee snob.  So sue me.







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