Dee. Days 9-12

Is it cheating to pic stitch more than one day on a photo challenge? Probably! But what can I say I’ve been busy! The second season of OITNB is on Netflix so naturally I’ve been spending all my time watching that. And no, I don’t believe in multi tasking. Not when it’s a good show at least!
Day 9
Mirror pic. Which is another way to selfie.
Day 10
Addiction. Books and hookah are pretty much all I need. Oh! And Netflix and Hulu 🙂
Day 11
My favorite color is black. Don’t ask
Day 12
Like Sam, my #ootd isn’t all cute. All i did was work today and my work outfit ain’t cute!
So now that I’ve caught up, I’ll stay caught up because that was way too much work



One thought on “Dee. Days 9-12

  1. It’s totally cheating!!! Haha! But I’m not sure that black (or denim, in my case) is a color. You’re funny.

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