Sam.  Day sixteen.

It’s no secret that California is my favorite place. It’s where I used to want to live. People would ask me, “what do you want to do when you finish college?” My answer was always, “I want to be a teacher… in California.” At the time people were asking me this question, I had actually never even been to California. It was just the place that I KNEW I wanted to live.

I met Wes and we visited CA a lot because his sister (our sister, now) lives there and we had a lot of Jesus stuff to do back then. But, I recently realized that I may not really want to live in California. I know, that’s a big step for me to even admit that “aloud.” But, hear me out, the reason I may not want to actually make a life there in California is because I love going there so much (I mean, I ALWAYS cry when I leave…ALWAYS- and, I’m not a crier) but I want to keep CA special. If I live there and take care of all of my mundane business there, it won’t be special anymore. Besides, I don’t know for certain that I want to raise our family in CA. Babies change EVERYTHING.

I know. I know. It makes me sad, too. I know I want to move to a place that is NOT Arizona…or, at least, not Tucson, I just don’t know where. But, for now, Wes and I are wanting to keep California as our special place to get away from everything. We’ll see what God has in store. He knows better than we do anyhow. Just look at my bulging belly! Haha!


Sam. Day sixteen.

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