Sam. Day twenty.

Someone I love.

In case you didn’t know, I get kind of mushy when I write about my husband.  With good reason:  he is one of the best “things” that has ever happened to me.  I mean, remember when I said that I never wanted to get married?  He is the one who changed my perspective on that.  I also didn’t want to have children but, somewhere in the back of my head I knew that if I were ever to have children, I wouldn’t want to procreate with anyone other than him.  He is the one I saved myself for.  I waited for him my whole life (well, until I was 23) and I didn’t even know it.  While I was waiting for him he was waiting for me.  How awesome is that?!

So, here are some things that I love about my Wes:

  • He’s strong.  In more than just the physical sense.  He can lift anything.  He can make tough decisions.  But he’s not cocky about it.  It’s just who he is.
  • He’s intelligent.  It’s sort of silly to say but the person who I spend the rest of my life with has to be smart (at least I have to think they are smart…or smarter than me, at least).  He does know how smart he is and (for the most part) he’s not a jerk about it.  Haha!  I have to be honest.
  • He is gentle.  He cares about my feelings and how I perceive his gestures.
  • He is self-less.  I have a lot to learn about not being selfish.  The things that I have learned, I learned from Wes’ example.  He puts my needs before his…always.  He even gives me the last piece of bacon or the last spoonful of ice cream because he loves me that much.  When I ask him to borrow something or to have something, his response is always, “Sure, Baby, you can have whatever you want.”  He means it.
  • He has phenomenal work ethic.  While I do worry that his commitment to work can verge on workaholism, I admire that he always does his best at work.  And at home.
  • He is considerate.  He always, always asks me what he can help me with (even though my response is usually, “nothing.”  I’m totally working on that.)  He washes the dishes when I cook at night and he doesn’t complain about it.  He sees completing the household duties- not as a woman’s job…cringe- but as the job for a team.  We are the team.
  • He is nice to look at.  He has these eyes that are sometimes blue and sometimes gray.  He has a little dimple that sometimes shows up when he smiles.  And he has the cutest giggle in the world.
  • He’s ticklish.  Wes can thank his sisters of informing me of this nice little surprise.  =)
  • He’s handy.  He can fix most anything or figure out how to fix the thing.  And, when that fails, he outsources it.
  • He loves M&Ms.  Sometimes, when he’s eating his candy (which we don’t buy very often) some “accidentally falls” on the floor and the puppies get to eat some.  It’s gotten so bad that when Wes opens up the M&M bag (no matter how long it’s been since we last had M&Ms), the puppies will run to go get some.  It’s bad.
  • He’s good (responsible) with money.  This is a very good contrast with me because I am learning with him how to manage our money well.

Those are just a few of the things that I can think of for why I love Mr. B.  There are a crap ton more and I would list them but I’m sure I’ve already bored you to tears already.  I try to make sure to tell Wes what I think about him a lot but I probably don’t do it often enough.  What good does it do to gush about him on a blog if he doesn’t know this is how I feel, right?  Right.

Wes 2013




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