Welcome to motherhood. Month one.

I’ve been a mother for about six weeks now and, in that six weeks, I’ve noticed some things. Naturally, I’ve assembled a list.

1. People spend so much time trying to convince people who don’t have children to have children just so that when said new parents complain comment on their new life as parents the former can snidely (or, at least it feels snide…and we all know how reliable feelings are) say, “welcome to parenthood.” So freaking annoying.

2. There’s a lot of hype about getting back to pre-pregnancy weight. For me, after I gave birth, I weighed less than I did before pregnancy but, man, did it look different. It still looks different. And it’s hard to get used to.

3. People think you’re crazy when you ask them to wash their hands before they touch your baby. But it’s really not crazy because if/when your baby gets sick from people’s nasty germs, it will be YOU AND ONLY YOU taking care of your sick baby. I will no longer feel bad for wanting things to be a certain way.

4. People will constantly ask you if you “like” being a parent. Some days you will like it and some days you won’t. That’s the honest truth.

5. You’ll spend countless hours looking gawking at your sweet baby. You’ll notice when their face changes from that newborn look to the baby look. You’ll notice when your baby grows even one centimeter. You’ll notice when their finger nail beds get larger. You’ll notice every single thing. It’s crazy cool.

I mean, look at this sweet face:


6. Although you’ll have a strong desire to keep your house clean, the housework will not get done. Raising a newborn is time consuming… way more time consuming than people let on.

7. Something else that won’t get done: sleeping when the baby sleeps. That’s the one one universal piece of advice that EVERYONE gives to new parents. It sounds easy but it’s pretty much impossible (See #5). I mean, how can you sleep when you’ve got an adorable sleeping baby to stare at, diapers and clothes to wash, personal hygiene to attend to? Although you’ll be exhausted, you’ll want to tackle some of your to-do list items during those short, precious moments that your baby is sleeping.

8. Parenting a newborn is exhausting work. It seems that becoming a parent means being tired all. the. time. Basically, you’re operating on a sliding scale that measures your degree of tiredness because you’re always, always tired.

9. The responsibility for nourishment of your baby is a heavy burden to bear. There are all sorts of things that can hinder the mommy and baby nursing relationship. And, while it is normal for babies to lose weight once they leave the hospital, it’s nerve racking when you realize your baby is wholly dependent upon you to feed them. When your baby loses weight, you’ll take it as a personal failure and when your baby gains weight, you’ll take it as a personal victory. It sounds crazy but that’s the way it is. I have cried on more than one occasion regarding my baby’s weight. (Maybe we can blame the tears on the new mommy hormones.)

10. All of those clichés about parenthood changing your life, being the best thing ever and the love you have for your baby exceeding your expectations, etc. They’re all true. Every. Single. One of them.


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