Loving lately.

1. Laila Grace.
I’ve been a little moody lately. Maybe it’s because I haven’t exercised. Maybe it’s because something is off. Either way, Elle is a ray of sunshine. It’s hard to stay in a mood when I’ve got her gorgeousness to stare at. I cannot believe she’s mine. IMG_2471 2. Reading. Yep. I “read” If I Stay by Gayle Forman at my friend’s suggestion. But I kind of don’t consider it reading since I listened to the audiobook. I’m a book snob. I just finished reading the sequel, Where She Went. I think it took me three days. So good. So, so good.


3. Starbucks. Because Starbucks.


4. Cooking. I’d been lagging on my cooking game since the birth of Laila Grace. Wes and I ate out a whole heck of alot and that is not at all healthy. We embarked on the Whole30 last month and that was my kickstart to cooking again. I really do enjoy it. It’s especially fun when you’ve got the cool tools and gadgets such as sharp knives, cute measuring spoons, VitaMix, food processor, etc.


5. Babywearing. I never knew it was such a big thing but I love wearing Laila Grace. She loves it, too. Sometimes I wonder if I’m making motherhood hard on myself since I have my girl with me everywhere all the time but then I remember that she came out of my womb this way. She’s always been happiest when she’s held close. Babywearing allows me to give her what she needs and wants while giving me a free hand (or two) to take care of some of  the things that I need and want to do.

IMG_2529I’m so into it that I joined the Tucson chapter of Babywearing International.  For Christmas, Wes got me a membership to the group.  The membership allows me to borrow a different wrap each month of the year if I so choose.  The whole “try before you buy” method.  Dave Ramsey would be proud. I recently took a class to learn how I can wrap baby girl with a long piece of fabric.  Now, I’ve gotta convince the hubs to invest in a wrap for me… I mean…for Laila Grace.

6. High waisted everything! I’m so glad that high waisted stuff is trendy. I’ve turned into the cliche mom wearing “mom jeans”… Or, in my case, leggings. Those moms know what they’re talking about! High waisted stuff makes it comfortable for me to wear pants. Every other clothing garment that I have hits me right in the c section incision. After about 10 minutes, it’s really uncomfortable. Mom jeans/bottoms/leggings to the rescue! Thanks to Gardenia for being my inside shopper.

7.  “More” time. I’ve been doing more productive things with my time than just squandering every spare second with my phone and on the computer.  I talked about that in my last blog post and I’ve been conscious of being more present.  It’s made all the difference.



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