What Sam made. 

Learning to sew has been a life long goal. In middle school, I made one of those cool skirts that were made out of denim jeans. It was not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination. I wish I had pictures but it sort of looked like this but not as finnessed.


Photo cred: mabeyshemadeit.com

Flash forward 20 years. My mom bought me a sewing machine that was so, so pretty. It was vintage. A workhorse of a machine but it didn’t do all of the things I needed it to do. I needed different styles of stitches. I needed adjustable stitch lengths. I needed to make leggings. Yes. Needed. (Forget everything I’ve ever said about leggings not being pants. Leggings are life. I wear them daily. I am not ashamed. Leggings. Are. Pants.)

I have changed from the person who believed this:


To a person who believes this:


And this (snark alert):

I know, I know, miracles DO happen. (::snark::)

For Christmas/Mother’s Day/ my birth anniversary, my mom bought me a brand new, beautiful fancy (to me) sewing machine.

My first order of business: make long sleeved shirts. So, I bought a pattern from Patterns for Pirates and set out to make a shirt… Easier said than done. Much easier said than done.

Here’s the evidence:

P4P Raglan (size large, long sleeves, elbow patches, raw unhemmed bottom, sleeve bands)

I wrote a post seeking out help from fellow sewists (yes, that’s a word…) in the P4P sewing pdf pattern group that one of my FB friends recommended I join:

My “first” attempt at raglan. I haven’t put the cuffs on yet.
I say “first” because:

•I sewed the elbow patch backwards on one arm…TWICE.

•I sewed the collar on three times (and this is the best I have gotten thus far and it is FAR from perfect).

A few things:

•I measured myself wrong (possibly) or used the wrong fabric (highly likely) because it’s kind of snug. I think I will give myself 1/4″ more room.

•I’m glad I used black top thread and white bottom thread because using the seam ripper is a bear! Is that what you guys do? Use contrasting thread so you can see your mistakes easier?

•Sewing is hard but the good kind of hard and even though this shirt isn’t perfect, I’m kind of proud of myself.
Can you guys give me some tips on how to fix this? I don’t know if I have it in me to attempt to seam rip the collar again. Should I cut the collar off and cut a new (longer) one? How do I know how much length to add to it?


Well, I received a lot of support in the sewing group.  The ladies there gave me lots of tips and encouraged me to keep trying. Well, today I finished it. My first sewing project on my new machine.

Here’s the evidence:

P4P Raglan (Size large, long sleeves, elbow patches, raw unhemmed bottom, sleeve bands)

My goal is to make 12 more items of clothing (one each month of 2016). I really like the P4P patterns so I really want to make them all.  I may make more but 12 is the minimum. I’m pretty excited about this challenge. And, you know I’ll post all of my “me made” creations (the good, the bad, the ugly) here on the blog. If any of you guys are sewists, please give me feedback and tips and also let me know your favorite pattern designers, blogs and sewing groups.
#SamMade #WhatSamMade #SewSamSew



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