Victories and battles.

I thought it would be a good idea to have a word for 2015. One of the blogs I follow, has a tradition where she picks a word for each year. It would be really cool if I could do something like that but I don’t know if I’ll actually keep up with the tradition…

My word will be victory. Kind of like my middle name, Victoria. I would like to have victory in my life.


That’s all that I ended up writing on this subject and now that 2015 is behind me, I can say that it was a year of victory. But victory cannot come without battles.

My battles:

  • Post partum depression
  • Critical spirit
  • Inability to find joy in much of anything besides Laila Grace
  • Getting used to working inside of the home

My victories:

  • I began treatment for postpartum depression. I joined a support group, started taking medication, started seeing a counselor.
  • I am a lot more understanding of the things that go on behind the scenes in (some) people’s lives. Less understanding for others.
  • I’m finding joy in more than just Laila Grace. I am reading for pleasure again. I started teaching myself to sew. I’m laughing more and enjoying being friends with my husband again.
  • I’m not resentful of Wes’ outside of the house job. I like to hear about his day and the students he interacts with each day.
    For 2016:

I anticipate that this year will be another one of victory. I have found a counselor who I really like. And, as I’ve alluded to before, being a mama brings up A LOT of issues that I’ve either pushed down and ignored and, therefore, thought I was “finished” with. And, this year, with God’s help, I will walk through the painful parts of my life (my past) so I can move forward in the future. This is an investment in my well being, my marriage, my role as a mama, my role as a friend. Pain colors a lot of the decisions and choices and reactions I’ve made and continue to make and it’s time to get free.



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