[Sunday Lately. Week 58.]


So, I joined a Blogger Gang.  Haha!  It’s actually a tribe.  Blogger Tribe sounds wayyyy less intense.  Anyway, the point of the blogger tribe is to have a group of bloggers support one another and lift each other up.  I can certainly use some support from other writers regarding my blog.  Sometimes I just don’t have anything to say (or I feel like I don’t).

Every Sunday, we all have the opportunity to write about a certain prompt.  We can choose to write or we can choose not to write.  This Sunday Monday, I’m choosing to write.  Here goes nothing…


I’m in the process of creating my capsule wardrobe.  I find it hard to make a solid decision on what I want because I don’t want to waste money on fabric that I’m not going to use but I don’t know if I can (or if I want to) use the fabric that I already own.


I’m finding that I’m enjoying life more since I’ve begun sewing and reading and leaving the house.  The darkness of post partum depression is slowly making room for the sun and rainbows (and, you know how much I LOVE rainbows).


I need to change the way that I think about some of the people in my life.  So, that’s the switch.  I want to view people as a blessing instead of a burden.


I can’t think of anything that I can possibly be forgetting.  This is probably not a good thing…


Oh my Lordy Lord.  I am craving sweets.  Sweets, sweets, sweets!  I have found that I want to eat sweets when I’m happy, sad, bored, tired.  You name it.  I’ve found the solution is that I want to eat sweets.  Sad face.  That’s not really a solution.  But the temporary pleasure is just oh so sweet.







4 thoughts on “[Sunday Lately. Week 58.]

  1. I also have the WORST sweet tooth – I crave sweets after everything I eat (even a snack after a snack!). Welcome to the Blogger Tribe!!! 🙂

    • Ugh. Isn’t it the worst?! But why do they have to be so. freaking. good?! It’s just not fair. Haha!

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