The Only Tee. [Pattern testing.]

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So… I tested another pattern.  I was surprised at how easy this one was.  I didn’t need to figure out my normal adjustments (I’m looking at you, FBA!).  It was just a straight sew.  Wes jokes that I always need to B. I. B. adjustment.  In case you’re curious, it’s the “Because I’m Black” adjustment.  Haha!  He’s pretty funny when he wants to be.

Anyway, back to the shirt.  It’s aptly named The Only Tee because it’s the perfect staple tee for the me-made wardrobe.  I don’t know about you but I mostly wear t-shirts and jeans yoga pants ::blushing emoji::  I NEED a good t-shirt!  Or a few.  And, even better if/when I don’t need to make any B. I. B. adjustments.

Enter Koerbs Brothers Stitch Designs and the best. t-shirt. pattern. ever. No lie.  I mean.  Look.


Photo cred to my stellar “Instagram” husband.


Side note: Elle keeps looking at my afro puff and saying and signing “hat.”  Should I be self-conscious?


It seriously fits me perfectly.

This pattern is pretty easy and quick to sew.  The sleeves attach in a way that I’ve never attached sleeves before (but I’ve also only sewn raglan style sleeves up until this point).  I found it to be very simple.

I’m working on planning out my Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe (look for sort-of-kind-of-set-in-stone plan soon) and the ONLY TEE will most definitely be a key player.

Lucky you, this pattern is on sale until Sunday!  I recommend picking up a pattern and adding it to your rotation.  I, for sure, have my eye on the Siren Trousers and the All Wrapped Up top and dress.  If you normally need to make adjustments to shirt patterns, this may just be The Only Tee you need.






5 thoughts on “The Only Tee. [Pattern testing.]

  1. Haha you are awesome, and your husband is pretty entertaining. My husband likes to constantly remind me that I am latina, as if I would ever let him forget.
    The tee is pretty awesome and amazing and well, I’m sure I will be making lots. Ok maybe not lots, but some essential colors.

    • You look great in yours, too. Fierce! Thanks. He’s a pretty funny guy.

      We always pretend to be surprised that he’s white and I’m black. Kinda like that movie, “Guess Who.” Have you seen it? It’s pretty hilarious. The newer one. I haven’t seen the older one so I can’t vouch for it.

  2. Looks great! And I’m with you on the whole “uniform” thing. I did did a capsule wardrobe, and it includes 3 white t-shirts and 4 black ones. And one black and white one. Hahaha. Might need to try for a real colour one day.

    • Dude. Your uniform actually sounds pretty perfect. I love myself a white tee. I’m pretty sure that’s almost all I wore throughout high school… 15 years ago… The simpler the better.

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