So you guys know that I’m definitely feet first into this whole sewing thing.  Remember that I had the Great Purge of 2016?  Thanks a lot, Marie Kondo…  One of the topics she tackles in her book (that I do not recommend you waste your time reading) is that we also need to clear out the clutter in our digital files.  Well, wouldn’t you know that I was also a bit nervous about that?  I have so many files on my computer.  Lesson plans, awesome worksheets and ideas for lesson plans (that I haven’t even used yet), all the digital files of my paper lesson plans that I left for the future teachers who come into my the classroom.  Well, I didn’t have to purge my computer files.  Go figure.  Fate did it for me.
My hard drive completely crashed.  Like completely.  My poor Mac was just giving me this screen:

Well, when it wasn’t giving me a grayed out picture of a file folder with a freaking question mark on the front…
Yeah.  Sad face.
So, needless to say, I lost everything.  Every. Single. Thing.  I’m trying not to think about it.  Please don’t leave me a comment about how I should’ve backed my files up.  Please.  Because, ironically enough, I was in the process of backing my files up when my computer died.  Yeah…really.
So, I had to regather my PDF patterns- which wasn’t difficult as I thought it would be.  And my super hero of a husband, fixed my MacBook!  He’s my hero because of a lot of things.  More recently for the way that he suffered with me through PPD which I wrote about here, here and here .  And, also here.  Although I felt alone, he never left me alone.  I took out my insane anger on him and he still chose to love me through it.  That’s a super human feat.
Becca came up with this idea to sew a capsule wardrobe in a week.  I was totally down because it was the kind of structure that I needed to be successful.  She suggested lots of easy sews and, of course, talked about the muslin process because it is so, so important- even if you plan to sew your wardrobe in a week. I got pretty sidetracked (in a good way) trying to achieve the perfect fit for a pair of Brassie Joggers and ended up using my week of sewing “perfecting” the fit.  I don’t know if I did it all correctly (even with Becca so graciously holding my hand through the whole process) but we’ll know soon enough.
Where I’m at:
I created an Instagram account for my sewing stuff: @WhatSamMade
I’m not gonna have my wardrobe finished in a week.  My new goal is to have it finished by the end of March.  Hopefully, I’ll have something new and cute to wear for my birth anniversary shenanigans.  Fingers crossed.  Prayers up.  Not in that order.
I’m gluing my PDF patterns together and will begin cutting fabric after I do that.
Maybe this weekend or by the end of the week I’ll be able to start muslin-ing?
Here are the patterns I plan to use:
Top row- Patterns for Pirates (P4P) Relaxed Raglan (upcycle)*, Love Notions Sabrina Slims (I’m participating in a sew a long for these this week).
Second row- Greenstyle Creations Brassie Joggers, Koerbs Brothers Stitch Designs All Wrapped Up top.
Third row- Hey June Handmade Sloane Leggings, P4P Sweetheart Dress (peplum top)*.

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