Dive into Dolmans. Hey June Handmade: Aurora Tee.

Sewing has helped me appreciate and get to know my body.  All of these years, I thought I was an hourglass but, as it turns out, I am a rectangle with tendencies of spoon and pear.  That’s not confusing at all, right?!  So, I’ve been discovering the things that look good on my body.  I gravitate towards fitted clothing but I want to diversify to be able to dress my body in the way that makes me feel comfortable, beautiful and confident.  That’s a lot to ask for.


Tibecca over at Sewing By Ti, asked if anyone in the Blogger Tribe would be willing to sew up a dolman style shirt as a part of her blog tour that showcases the dolman style shirt on all sorts of different body styles.  I basically jumped at the opportunity as I had my eye on the Aurora Tee by Hey June Handmade but was uncertain if the style would work on my body.  When Tibecca asked, I was certainly ready to

Dive Into Dolmans 3.jpg

If you remember, I attempted to make a wardrobe in a week after (The Great Purge of 2016) under the tutelage of Becca at Free Notion.  One of the secrets of success there was that the patterns and items for the wardrobe in a week needed to be “quick sew” projects.  Dolman style shirts fit the bill for that since they don’t have complicated sleeves or techniques or anything like that.  (In case you’re curious, I haven’t quite finished my wardrobe in a week but I’m super close.)

Here’s the nitty gritty about this pattern:

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 11.07.40 PM

My reaction: I was definitely prepared to do an FBA on this pattern since I seem to always need one but I didn’t want to do one since this is for a review and I wanted to be true to the pattern.  So, I went with the recommendations given in the instructions and went by my bust measurement.  The only thing is that my measurement placed me in between sizes and I wasn’t sure if I should have sized up or sized down so I erred on the side of caution and sized up.  My hips are technically off the charts at 44” but since this pattern has 3” of ease built in, I was able to grade out just a hair at the hips and call it good.  The only other modifications I made were to make the shirt short sleeved (there are not instructions in the pattern for how to do that but I just didn’t trace out the long sleeve portion and then hemmed the short sleeve part about ½”).  I also shortened the bodice below the bust by 2” because I’m short-waisted.

This pattern included a lot of firsts for me. It was my first Hey June pattern.  It was my first time sewing a pattern that used ¼” seam allowances.  It was my first time preparing and sewing facing. It was also my first time sewing with lace.

After I sewed the Aurora Tee according to the instructions, I decided that I didn’t like the facing for the neck and that I needed a v neck (which would also accommodate easy breast access for my breastfeeding toddler).  I changed the neckline to a v neck and I really like it better that way.  The v neck also helps my bust look average sized instead of “above average.” ::winky face emoji:: And, my new bra doesn’t hurt, either!


I really like this pattern.  The pieces fit together nicely and the instructions are clear and concise.  I like that Adrianna (the designer) marks the center of the neckline and the insets with notches so that I don’t have to figure it out (or remember to cut the notches myself while I have my shirt on the fold).  I was able to use lace for the insets even though the pattern calls for stretchy knits because I asked Adrianna over on her Hey June Facebook page.  She said that as long as the main body of the shirt was out of a sturdier knit then I should be fine using a woven material for the insets.

I really like the way the shirt looks on me but I do think that I could use one size down and possibly an FBA depending on how fitted I want this shirt to be.  I’m certain that I will be making a couple more of these for Katie’s Back to Basics sewing project at the end of the month.  Speaking of making some of these, Adrianna has so generously offered a discount of 25% on the purchase of the pattern for this Aurora Tee with the code “AuroraLove.” This code expires April 28, 2016 at 11:59pm MST.

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12 thoughts on “Dive into Dolmans. Hey June Handmade: Aurora Tee.

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  2. It looks really nice on you! Comfy and so easy to wear. I agree that you may want to size down for your next one, but that doesn’t mean this one won’t get plenty of wear!

    • Thank you! I really value your opinion. =)

      Yes! I’ve worn this one a few times already and I’ve only had it for a week or so! I will sew the next size down for my future ones, though.

  3. oh dang, the aurora’s been on my list and now i have a coupon code. love yours! i thought the panels had to go around front but it’s cool to see how you did them more in the back. also, i need to learn how to just magically turn something into a v-neck!

    • I didn’t “draft” the v neck per se. I used the instructions (and video) from MellySews blog. I put the link in one of the comments above.

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