Sew ready for Fall: Sewing for my hubs.

Well, more like “pestering my hubs to allow me to measure him so that I can make him a proper fitting garment.” Except he refused to let me measure him until yesterday. And my post for the tour is due tomorrow, August 5. To say I’m a little annoyed about the situation would be a definite understatement. 

IMG_0909 3
But, some cool news is that I purchased the women’s Tidal dress and top pattern the other day because I’d been eyeing it for some time and Tami’s hosting a sew along. Some of my sewist friends gave me the idea for my plan B sewing which was to do a mama and me Tidal for my toddler and myself. Amazingly enough, Tami provided me with the girls Tidal pattern! How freaking cool is that?!

IMG_0910 3

The not so good news is that I chose a really, really bright yellow fabric from because I was planning on sewing a shirt for my husband but now I’m making something for my daughter and (maybe…hopefully…) myself. I think the bright yellow will look nice with my skin but I’m not so confident about how it will look on my little miss.  Stylish Fabric provided the fabric for this project.  I can say that they ship quickly, the quality of the fabric that I received is great and their prices are more than reasonable.  I will be ordering from them again soon.


But now I’ve got to run to an appointment and then pick the baby up from her grandparent’s house and then, hopefully, sew the girls’ Tidal for my Little tonight. And possibly one for myself, too. I’m behind. Way behind. I don’t like this feeling. IMG_0913 4IMG_0915 3

I decided to a tank version because we live in the desert and it may not get cool enough to ever feel like Fall.  My Little also runs warm so I didn’t want to make her a long sleeved dress and have her resist wearing it. IMG_0911 3


And then we had a slight emergency with the baby and needed to take her to the emergency room.  She’s fine because she’s so freaking tough.  It was me who was kind of freaking out on the inside (ain’t that the way?!).

So, by midnight I’d finished baby’s dress (she’s ALL about the dresses these days) and cut out the pattern for my hubs’ shirt but I haven’t sewn his OR mine yet.  This dress is so freaking cute and I’m surprised by the quality of the fabric from StylishFabrics.  And, I don’t want to brag- okay, okay, I do- but this dress only took me about an hour to sew.  I  chose to do binding for neck and arms.  And the instructions were easy to follow.  Dare I say that I “whipped this up”?!?!  I decided not to hem it because YOLO.

Dare I say that I “whipped this up”?!?!

I almost forgot to mention that Sewing by Ti put together this cool blog tour.  She even wrangled up some FABULOUS prizes.  I seriously wish that I could enter but, alas, I cannot.  But how about you enter to win?  Here’s the link:




31 thoughts on “Sew ready for Fall: Sewing for my hubs.

  1. I can’t wait to see the rest of what you’re creating Sam. I think its great that despite life getting in the way, you managed to crank out a mighty fine looking dress for your little girl. She looks completely adorable and the colors are fabulous.

  2. OMG, she looks DARLING!!! And I love the way you put the colors together. Such a fun dress but that blue next to her face is really gorgeous.

  3. I LOVE the bright yellow color you chose. I think your little looks great in her dress and I bet you will too!

  4. Great job pulling it together! I hate crazy stressful days like those, but sounds like you handled it amazingly! Whip it up…I love it!!

    • My pet peeve is becoming less of a pet peeve since I can do it now. Haha! The phrase “Whip it up” used to annoy me to no end. But I realize that it was because I was jealous. 😝

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  6. Whipped it up! You,TOO, can whip it, whip it good!! Beautiful dress for your beautiful baby girl! I can’t WAIT to see what you just whip up for your husband!! And of course, your new dress, too! LOVE YELLOW, it’s such a happy color! ❀

    • Haha! Yesss! I think I’m going to start doing a monthly post showing what I’ve made that month and which patterns (if any) I’ve purchased.

    • Thank you! To be fair, it’s a kid’s dress (less fabric), I sewed a straight 2T without any mods and I didn’t hem it.

  7. How cute! I think that the yellow looks awesome on your little one. You did a creative save for the blog deadline, especially with the emergency room trip. Husbands can be difficult, but don’t we love them anyway?

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  12. I love her dress! I can’t believe it o it took you 5 mins. You got really good candid photos of little Miss.

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