WhatSamMade. The shop (and a giveaway).

A lot of you have asked.  I’ve thought about it for a while now.  I’m finally going to do it.  I’m going to do it.  I’m going to “dare greatly” and put myself out there.


Thanks to my friend Christine C. for digitizing my logo for me!

I’m going to start selling some of the clothing items that I make.  I’m nervous.  What if people don’t actually like the stuff that I sew enough that they’ll actually purchase it?  That’s one of the questions that has kept me from taking the next step.

I made a FB page in August but haven’t opened it to the public yet.  I made an Instagram page to show the things that I make so that my other Instagram wouldn’t be inundated with sewing stuff.

So here’s the low down: I don’t have professional pictures.  I have selfies from the full length mirror in my living room… or pictures that my hubs takes for me.  I don’t have closets full of fabric to let you all choose from.  I don’t have a serger or a coverstitch machine (but I want one of each… hint, hint).


What do I have?

I have creativity.  I have time.  I have a sewing machine. I have ideas.

As Kim asked me, “What’s my ‘why’?” (My English teacher brain is twitching with this punctuation but I *think* this is the correct way to punctuate this statement.)

Basically, I just want to sew because it’s fun and because I have trouble finding well fitting clothes at the store. By well-fitting, I mean clothes that I feel good in and clothes that look good on me. Clothes that are functional.

I know that I am not alone in this but this is why I sew.  I also sew as a way to help me appreciate my body and a way to help me overcome Post Partum Depression.


Athletic leggings with contrast panel and hidden waistband pocket.

But, why sell?

I am a teacher turned stay at home mama.  I would like to be able to generate money so that I can support my sewing habit.  That’s the honest answer.



(Slim fit) Perfect tee shirt with contrast sleeves.

How will this work?

Come to my FB page and find out.   How’s that for vague???





To enter the giveaway for a pair of undies AND either a flowy tank or Perfect tee shirt in your choice of fabric and neckline, head on over to Facebook and ‘like’ my WhatSamMade page.  I will choose TWO winners at noon on September 30, 2016. And I will announce the winners in the WhatSamMade business page.  If you are not local, you will be responsible for shipping charges.  One entry per person.  Winner will be drawn randomly.




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