[sewing.] Mama and me. 

I love the mama and me trend that I’ve seen going around where mamas and their littles dress in coordinating outfits or even the same outfit. I have a couple of patterns that are the same as Laila Grace and I always have these grand plans of sewing the two of us cute little outfits. But, let’s face it, my sewing plan is usually, “SQUIRREL!” I let myself get pulled this way and that way by the latest and greatest patterns from my favorite designers. And I’m always working on something.  Because sewing is therapeutic for me and a key component in helping me handle post partum depression and body image issues (this is also a good blog post).

This past week, I stayed focused long enough to sew a couple of tunics for Laila Grace and one for myself using the Primrose pullover pattern from CaliFaye Collection.*

I really like this pattern because of the subtle high low hem with the option of adding front and back bands to the bottom for interest. I also really like the deep v in the back. It’s deep enough to be considered sporty (show off cool sports bra straps) or just feminine enough. And, luckily, the v isn’t so low that it shows traditional bra straps. I made the v neck back for mine and the scoop neck for baby.

I caught her mid laugh.  My kid is the absolute best.

Styled in the sporty way wearing my WhatSamMade sports bra.


Nerdy sewist stuff (skip if you’re not into sewing):

Sarah wrote a blog post which gives very detailed instructions on inserting a v neck. She uses a different method than I’m used to that doesn’t overlap. I really like it for a no fuss v neck insertion. Don’t forget to stay stitch!

Fabric: I used ponte from Joann fabrics. I really like that it’s double sided and was tempted to use the striped side but I also wanted to be able to wear this to my hubs’ work Christmas party so I kept it simple and classy as per my fashion-guru-sewist-friend, Becca‘s advice.

For baby’s, I used a mystery knit from Hancock Fabric (rest in peace) for the back, sleeves, cuffs and one bottom band. I used a really cheap ponte (also from Joann) for the front.

I made two of these tunics for baby. The second one uses the same cheap ponte from Joann and this super cool “Like A Girl” poly blend from one of my favorite shops, Zenith & Quasar. (Side note: Lilly of Z & Q had excellent customer service, lightning fast shipping (that’s also super affordable) and GREAT quality product. Another thing that I like about her shop is that the fabric is printed in the USA! That alone is reason enough for me to choose her shop for future purchases.) I chose to leave the hem raw and to leave off the bands to see how I like it.  I like it.  🙂


Modifications and sizing: I chose to sew size XL and executed a 3″ full bust adjustment. (CaliFaye uses the misses size chart and is drafted for B-C sewing cup.) Since the FBA also adds length and width, I slimmed the bodice back down (from waist to hip) and shortened to the original length (per Sarah’s wise direction). For my next top, I think it’d be beneficial for me to shorten the back by an inch or two (or three) so the fabric doesn’t get caught up on my #sassyBooty and sway back (I may even benefit from a sway back adjustment). This fabric is just heavy enough that it stays down when I walk but a lighter fabric at this length would have me readjusting my shirt every few steps and I’m not about that life.

For baby, I sewed size 3T (no modifications) since she was at the top end of the 2T size and she’s growing every second of the day so…yeah, it’s a little big now but it won’t be for long. I also cut the back in two separate pieces because I was determined to use this cross fabric but I didn’t have enough to cut it on the fold, so the cross on also some… ummm… added interest. 😉

*This post contains affiliate links which means that I get a little kick back if you happen to click the link AND make a purchase which allows me to purchase more fabric and patterns.  Win/win, right?





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