[makes] Bucket list.

Back in the day (3 years ago) when I started sewing, I could not imagine how quickly my skills would progress or how much joy I would get from sewing my own clothes. All I knew is that I wanted needed something just for me. A way to use my hands in a different sort of productivity besides kissing owies, fetching snacks, nursing, nursing, nursing and changing diapers. I never knew that this thing would turn into a hobby and then a passion to advocate for truth telling regarding mama life, post partum depression, body positivity, intersectional feminism and even a mild form of activism for movements such as Black Lives Matter.

It’s a good thing that I didn’t know what this would become when I started. I may have been overwhelmed by the thought.

I want to document my sewing makes in a more “formal” manner on a platform other than Instagram. I’m not quite sure how I’ll accomplish the documentation. Maybe I’ll post pictures with a poem or a few random thoughts (and possibly) a link to the pattern or resources I used for fitting, etc. Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll post about sewing every few months. I don’t know. I still want sewing to be fun and a wonderful escapism and I know if I place too many parameters on myself I’m not going to follow through AT ALL (am I alone in that mindset???)

Anyway. Bucket list. I. Made. JEANS. Yep. Legit jeans. I am so freaking proud of myself.




2 thoughts on “[makes] Bucket list.

  1. I have loved seeing your journey. As one that has purchased one of your creations. What you do, it is done well! It is the remarkable how well. People have sewen for years. But, yet have not come to the quality you’ve done.

    Think about it. You have accomplished a lot! Look marriage, becoming a teacher , a blogger, marathon runner, children now ,not child (so now plural). I am sure there is mare that I have not listed.

    I love you and am so proud of you!

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