[sewing.] Mama and me. 

I love the mama and me trend that I’ve seen going around where mamas and their littles dress in coordinating outfits or even the same outfit. I have a couple of patterns that are the same as Laila Grace and I always have these grand plans of sewing the two of us cute little outfits. But, let’s face it, my sewing plan is usually, “SQUIRREL!” I let myself get pulled this way and that way by the latest and greatest patterns from my favorite designers. And I’m always working on something.  Because sewing is therapeutic for me and a key component in helping me handle post partum depression and body image issues (this is also a good blog post).

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The Only Tee. [Pattern testing.]

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So… I tested another pattern.  I was surprised at how easy this one was.  I didn’t need to figure out my normal adjustments (I’m looking at you, FBA!).  It was just a straight sew.  Wes jokes that I always need to B. I. B. adjustment.  In case you’re curious, it’s the “Because I’m Black” adjustment.  Haha!  He’s pretty funny when he wants to be.

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Testing. Testing. Is this mic on??? [Pattern testing.]

Last week, I felt like a celebrity.  One of my blog posts was featured on a really nice website that I follow (without my prompting the blog owner to please-please-pretty-please feature me) and I was selected as a tester for a new pattern from an indie designer called 5 Out Of Four patterns.  My husband pretended to be my paparazzi and took all of these pictures of me.  They came out great!

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