The last two years were easily the most difficult years of my life. I struggled with being controlling. I struggled with defining my importance based on Who I belong to instead of what I do (or what I don’t do). I struggled with accepting my extraordinary body. I realized I had post partum depression. I sought help. And here we are: nine months after I began treatment for PPD. Here we are embarking on our 10th wedding anniversary on August 12.  It is all so surreal.

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Sew ready for Fall: Sewing for my hubs.

Well, more like “pestering my hubs to allow me to measure him so that I can make him a proper fitting garment.” Except he refused to let me measure him until yesterday. And my post for the tour is due tomorrow, August 5. To say I’m a little annoyed about the situation would be a definite understatement.  Continue reading


It’s awesome that God is showing me how to let Him love me. The bible has been “boring” to me for a while now. I’m still a Christian but I haven’t found pleasure in reading His words (the word He inspired the authors to write).

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Dive into Dolmans. Hey June Handmade: Aurora Tee.

Sewing has helped me appreciate and get to know my body.  All of these years, I thought I was an hourglass but, as it turns out, I am a rectangle with tendencies of spoon and pear.  That’s not confusing at all, right?!  So, I’ve been discovering the things that look good on my body.  I gravitate towards fitted clothing but I want to diversify to be able to dress my body in the way that makes me feel comfortable, beautiful and confident.  That’s a lot to ask for.


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So you guys know that I’m definitely feet first into this whole sewing thing.  Remember that I had the Great Purge of 2016?  Thanks a lot, Marie Kondo…  One of the topics she tackles in her book (that I do not recommend you waste your time reading) is that we also need to clear out the clutter in our digital files.  Well, wouldn’t you know that I was also a bit nervous about that?  I have so many files on my computer.  Lesson plans, awesome worksheets and ideas for lesson plans (that I haven’t even used yet), all the digital files of my paper lesson plans that I left for the future teachers who come into my the classroom.  Well, I didn’t have to purge my computer files.  Go figure.  Fate did it for me.
My hard drive completely crashed.  Like completely.  My poor Mac was just giving me this screen:

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Spring Capsule. #WardrobeInAWeek

Spring Capsule (for Insta) #WardrobeInAWeek

Blue Vanilla navy top
$22 – newlook.com

R13 t shirt

Chicwish grey coat

Drawstring pants

Vetements logo sportswear

Slip on sneaker

Keds sneaker

Converse black sneaker
$71 – surfstitch.com

Mizuki cross necklace
$600 – saksfifthavenue.com