June Photo a Day Challenge.

Dee had this great idea for the two of us to participate in a photo challenge. Now, we all know that she’s gonna forget and that it’s just gonna be me leftover but it’s worth a shot. Let’s be optimistic. Plus, it’ll get us both posting daily for the whole month.

Here are the requirements:


Let’s see how consistent dosnaturalsistas can be!



I have a confession

I am no longer a natural Sista…
(now just hear me out)
I needed something different and I can’t seem to figure out the natural hairstyling. I know what you’re gonna say, yes I suck at relaxed hair too, but I don’t have to do it! Chantis is doing hair again. So… Yeah. I’m still natural in a way. I haven’t shaved my arm puts in a while 🙂

Things do get better

This may be random (as usual) but when I was younger and my life sucked, I used to think that things would NEVER get better. Like things would never change. Well if anyone reads this I want you to know: THINGS DO GET BETTER. I promise.
I felt like I had to say that

Dear 16 Me

I have been trying to write this for a few weeks. I honestly had no idea what I wanted to say to you. The best I could come up with to tell you how I feel is this: I HATE YOU. I’m so glad that I never have to see you and your loneliness, insecurities, regrets, sadness, and bitterness again. No matter how many people say that they wish they could go back I know I would never go back to you. I hate you and to never see you again would be too soon.
20 Me